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Mindfulness Music Meditation

Join us
On our journey to well-being
Using easily understood and applicable techniques
That stem from the Buddhist tradition


What is Mindful Music Meditation

Key to Well Being
— Mindfulness and Meta-Awareness —

Mindfulness music meditation is easily understood and highly applicable. Mindfulness and Meta-Awareness are the two companions on our path towards well-being. They help bring clarity to our inner reflections. When we start to observe our minds and bodies, we can begin to make adjustments. Our minds open up; our pace becomes measured; stress is relieved; bodies and minds are healed. We discover an unlimited source of strength within. We also find beauty in those around us, enhancing the harmony between ourselves, others and the greater environment.

A Spiritual Retreat
— Prince Edward Island, Canada —

A warm welcome to our friends from all over the world. Thank you for joining us in Prince Edward Island, a spiritual retreat, as we wander amidst nature on our journey to well-being. Buddhist monks from Chuan Deng Monastery will be facilitating our sessions. Through sessions on mindfulness, paired with mindfulness music, we learn to embrace well-being.

Music The wise look favourably on it Nurturing our minds Able to move us deeply Transforming society So the late king said. -The Book of Music

Music directly influences our emotions. Many practitioners use music to cultivate positive mental states. Scientific research also shows that the frequency of sound is closest to the frequency of our bodies’ vibrations. Sound vibrations can directly affect our bodies’ resonant energy, brain functions as well as overall mental state. Mindfulness music meditation utilizes music with positive energy. In our serene mental state, we focus on chanting and connecting with our inner self, elevating harmony of mind and body. We reach a state of deep inner tranquility and alertness, emanating peace and kindness to the broader world.

Mindfulness Music Meditation Sessions: A Short Introduction

Roadmap to Well-Being

Accurate instructions, coupled with a well-calibrated compass, is essential preparation for our journey to the most beautiful destination.

Deep Breathing

With each inhale and exhale, we allow our body and mind to gradually relax and become grounded. Through mindful observation of our body and mind, we enter into a tranquil and focused state, tapping into a deep inner strength.

Mindful Walking

Searching to the ends of the earth, who holds the key to my happiness and sadness? Is there a key in the world that can unlock well-being and happiness?

Mindfulness Music

Music has the unparalleled ability to touch our hearts. Chants from centuries ago transcend language barriers, leaving indelible imprints in our hearts, accompanying us on our life journey.

Passing on the Light

Visit the stately Chuan Deng Monastery, where sounds from morning bells and evening drums resonate, faint sounds of chanting echo throughout, and mindful cuisine and walks in the forest await. Experience the simple life of a monastic practitioner.

Mindfulness Music Concert

Musical notes cascade forth, connecting with our hearts. Listen closely – can you hear the rolling hills and trickling streams? Crossing land and sea, we experience the magnificent and colorful universe. 


Whether you have experience or none,
Once you start to grasp it
You will feel
Its impact on the heart is real.

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