Mindfulness Music Meditation

Welcome friends from around the world to the colorful spiritual island - Prince Edward Island in Canada, where we can wander in nature, simplicity, purity, and happiness together. We are honored to have the guidance and leadership of venerable masters from the ”Chuan-deng Monastery" with a pure Buddhist lineage, such as Ven. Ru Zheng, Ven. Ru Qi, Ven. Ru De, Ven. Xing Yi, Ven. Xing Zhu, Ven. Xing You, and others. Through mindfulness courses and music, we can learn to cultivate a happy and fulfilling life

2024 Mindfulness Music Meditation

Batch#1: 2024/5/03 - 5/09 ;Batch#2: 2023/5/14 - 5/20

Canada, PE, Brudenell

The Key to Happiness– Mindfulness and Wisdom

Mindfulness Music Zen is a happiness retreat that is designed in accordance with the principles of the stages of the path to enlightenment in Buddhism. Mindfulness and wisdom are inseparable companions on the journey to happiness, enabling us to reflect on ourselves and see clearly. As we start to observe our body and mind, and adjust them to create a spacious and joyful mental space, we slow down our pace, relieve stress, heal our body and mind, and explore the limitless power within ourselves. At the same time, we learn to appreciate others and reflect on ourselves, promoting perfect harmony between ourselves, others, and the environment.

The "Book of Rites" teaches that music can nurture our hearts and transform society, as it directly influences our emotions. Spiritual practitioners use music to cultivate positive mental states, and scientific research shows that sound frequencies impact our resonant energy, brain function, and mental state. "Music Zen" involves focusing on positive energy music through prayer and chanting, elevating our physical and mental harmony, and opening ourselves to deeper stillness and awareness, bringing peace to others and the world.

Course Introduction

The Wish-fulfilling Jewel

Searching high and low, traveling far and wide, who holds the key to my happiness and pain? Is there truly a wish-fulfilling jewel in this world that can bring about a life of joy and contentment?

The Happiness Map

In order to venture towards the most beautiful destinations, one must prepare with utmost care - precise and accurate navigation, possessing the all-encompassing best guidance to set out on the journey.

Mind Calming

In the rhythmic inhale and exhale, gradually relax and stabilize body and mind by mindful observation, attain profound strength in a tranquil and focused state.

Mindfulness Music

Music has the unparalleled ability to touch our hearts, transcending language and time. The profound and timeless chants will always remain in our hearts, accompanying us on our journey through life.

Transmitting the Lamp

A pilgrimage to Chuan-deng Monastery, where morning bells and evening drums, lingering chanting, spiritual food, forest meditation, and more. Immerse yourself in the monks' simple and pure monastic life.

Meditation Music Concert

Let the wordless tunes tenderly tap on the windows of your mind. Embark on a spiritual journey, roam in the conscious ocean, and feast yourself with the magnificence and colorfulness of the universe.

The development of cognition and practice is synchronized, while reason and emotion soar hand in hand.